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Marketing and Sales Development for Lawyers

Solving problems for small law firms using methods that aren’t magic
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Using Proven Methods for Success…

Helping Small Law Firms Attain Greater Market Share and Top Line Revenue.

Law Office Success offers a client-focused approach to business development and provides flexible, strategic and practical marketing services.

See measurable topline results that help you focus on your success. You will stay one step ahead of your competitors with our help, insight and expertise.

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Customized Management Solutions

That Give Small Law Firms More Time to Lawyer


Business Development Strategy

Stand out head and shoulders above your competition. Passive digital marketing will never get your firm to the next level.

Vendor Management

Let us ensure your firm’s vendors are more accountable and honoring their contractual obligations by monitoring their metrics. 

Leverage Social Capital

Proactive networking means being strategic with time and commitments. Learn to develop better referral sources that convert. 

Human Engineering

Accountable methodology designed develop intake & consult processes that get results and convert more new client hires.

Marketing Strategy Management

Put your marketing strategy in the hands of our experts. We curate and project manage all initiatives so you don’t have to. 

Law Firm Operations

Organizational management services. It’s time to get the whole law firm on the same page and moving in the same direction.


Social Media Management

Use the power of social media to build an engaged audience and attract new clients that give your firm the voice it deserves. 


SEO Analysis & Optimization

Not all web marketing vendors are created equal. We manage your digital marketing vendor to ensure local search dominance. 

Meet Alan (Ali) Murphy Jr.


Alan (Ali) Murphy Jr.

Ali, is a 3rd generation South Florida native. Growing up in a socially challenging market like South Florida allowed [them] to develop unique interpersonal and networking skills that created deep and successful business relationships and resources in the Greater South Florida Market.

Ali, brings a unique outsider perspective to the growth strategy for lawyers and the small law offices that engage Law Office Success.

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