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Alan (Ali) Murphy Jr.

Alan (Ali) Murphy Jr.


Ali, has a proven track record of helping small law firms grow and scale, skilled business and market development strategy. As experienced growth specialist Ali has a deep understanding of the legal industry and how to grow your law firm your local market. Ali is able to develop and implement marketing and business development strategies that will help law firms increase their revenue and reach new clients.

Ali is a creative thinker and problem solver who is always looking for new ways to help law firm owners grow their business. Ali is passionate about helping law firms succeed and is committed to providing the highest level of service.

If you’re serious about growing your law firm, then you need to hire Law Office Success. Employ our strategies to achieve scalable growth, profitability, to become the law firm success story you always envisioned your firm would be. 

Law Office Success is a national small law firm strategy consultancy and operates in all 50 States of this great nation. Let’s connect! – Alan


Favorite Quote

“Unbelievably, a goldfish can kill a gorilla. However, it does require a substantial element of surprise.” George Carlin

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